Milton Silva

Milton Silva
June 1, 2021 webadmin

We’re proud to announce our Spring 2021 Corpsmember of the Quarter, Milton Silva!

Milton’s motivated and goal-oriented approach finds him closer to graduation and an all-around asset at the Job Training Center (JTC), which earned him Civicorps’ prestigious award.

“Milton has been impressing his teachers for the last several months with his determination to walk the stage in June,” said Yvette Arroyo-Agredano, Interim Head of School.  “He is consistent with his classes, putting in work at the JTC; he is focused, persistent and determined.”

When Yvette gave Milton the checklist to his path to graduation, it was as if a fire inside him was lit. And within three months, Milton crossed off each item. On June 16, Milton will receive his high school diploma.

“Seeing what I needed to do gave me more courage, it helped me to be able to know what I’m doing. [It] helped me ask teachers for help,” said Milton.

His English Teacher Joseph Bradshaw took notice: “Milton has shown a deep dedication to his continued growth. He has taken charge of his education, and has made great strides toward graduation. In class, he is focused, serious, goal-oriented and not afraid to ask questions or to seek help when he needs it.”

With his tests passed, Milton’s academic journey culminated in a research presentation. Milton chose to focus on animal cruelty and the lasting effects of poaching. With the pandemic still a reality, he gave his presentation to staff virtually, cementing the last steps to obtain his diploma.

Milton’s motivation stems from his family. “My brothers are proud of me for graduating. My Mom always wanted me to graduate high school.  All I needed was a little help to get there on my own and I came to Civicorps [which] gave me the opportunity.”

“His motivation and follow-through have been a highlight for the Academy this term as we watch him move closer and closer to graduation,” said Math Teacher Michelle Cascio.

It’s this motivation that Milton carries with him at the Job Training Center as well.

“Danny, my crew leader, he’s always there to help me whenever I need help,” recounts Milton. He’ll pull me aside, ask me if I need help with anything. It helps get me motivated.”

Looking beyond graduation, Milton takes advantage of the resources around him. When out on the field with crews, Milton has the chance to work alongside program sponsors. This allows him the opportunity to ask questions about potential career paths he could take, such as obtaining class A and B Driver’s Licenses.

“For me, I felt like Civicorps helped me to communicate, learn to socialize more. As far as work-wise, it helped me to be more professional—working in a team, how to manage a team. This program made me think outside the box. I used to be anti-social, I didn’t like to talk to people but here I feel like I met a lot of cool people here that have that same positive mindset. Listening to the advice the staff give me helps me to figure out that I want more. Now, I want to travel and meet new people. For my first time traveling, I want to go to Puerto Rico—my Dad says we have family out there.”