We are a paid, full-time job training and education and support services program. We have it all. We are here to take in your young person and provide them with everything they need to reach their goals. We will be supporting them until they transition into a career path, and we’re always here for them, every step of the way. The vast majority of young people who join our program complete their high school diploma, move into upwardly mobile jobs and/or secondary education so you can trust that the young person you care about will be in great hands.

You can also help a young person fill out this interest form, their first step to getting hired.

Having a job fair or community event where 18-26 year olds will be in attendance? We can be there with our team and job applications.

  • Civicorps has been that second chance opportunity I needed. It was here where I took my learning into my own hands. I was able to study and grow in my education at my own individual pace. I wasn’t restrained by homework assignments and the teachers made sure I understood the material. The counselors and support staff were here for me. If I wasn’t feeling well and missed school, they would call me and check in on me. They showed they care and I loved that. It helped me believe in my abilities and to feel accomplished as I was passing my classes.

    XianaWinter Class of 2019
  • As Ever Forward – Siempre Adelante seeks to cultivate the leaders and change agents of tomorrow, we are grateful for partners like Civicorps who share our commitment to the Bay Area’s youth. Civicorps not only has decades of experience–they have created a one-of-a-kind culture of celebration and achievement that empowers youth and young adults who have been poorly served by the traditional school system. They are a key ally in the struggle to advance educational equity in the East Bay.

    Ashanti Branch
    Ashanti BranchFounder and Executive Director, Ever Forward - Siempre Adelante