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Civicorps’ Corpsmembers have mastered many of the skills that new hires are often expected to learn on the job. Through our paid job training program, they work on crews, earning professional certifications and learning how to use tools such as brush-cutters, chainsaws, forklifts and more. They also learn important soft skills like the importance of showing up to work on time, maintaining a professional appearance, working as a team, and accepting constructive criticism in order to keep progressing in their work.

Corpsmembers strive to complete our Conservation Intern Investment Program (CIIP), a series of career readiness steps including certifications, Friday workshops, and objectives. CIIP tracks participant progress as they complete milestones divided into the following categories: Career Readiness Workshops and Assignments (including our annual Career Fair), Positive Job Performance Reviews, Skill Development, Community Participation and Civic Consciousness, and Awards. As they complete their objectives, Conservation Interns become eligible to train for leadership roles, including Crew Leader I and II, within Civicorps and qualify for post-secondary education scholarships.

Civicorps’ Pathways Manager works with local businesses to place our Corpsmembers in internships, pre-apprenticeships, apprenticeships, or jobs. They then provide ongoing support to both the intern and the employer to ensure a successful placement.

Are you looking for talented, skilled employees? Please contact JAB Billingsley at (510) 992-7855 or jab@cvcorps.org.

Hire Civicorps

Civicorps works with community organizations, companies, NGOs and government agencies in many creative and distinctive ways. We design projects together, build relationships, chart new career pathways and much more, all in the hopes of offering a meaningful and transformative experience for our Ccorpsmembers while serving our community and the surrounding environment. Click here to learn more about our innovative projects.


Civicorps’ Environmental Management Social Enterprise conducts environmental enhancement and mitigation projects across the Bay Area. We specialize in trail construction and maintenance, wildland fire mitigation, shoreline and waterway improvement, and habitat restoration, and are eligible for ATP funding.


Our Civicorps Recycling social enterprise provides commercial recycling collection services to Oakland businesses. We are the only non-profit job training program that has been included in a major city garbage franchise agreement in the nation and we serve over 1,200 accounts across the East Bay. Learn more and sign up for our recycling services here.

Community Support:

We are here to support our community on the frontlines and have the skills, equipment and infrastructure to quickly meet our community’s changing needs. We provide disaster and pandemic relief and other community crisis support services. We also partner with our local Food Bank and have a new partnership with Pallet to address the Bay Area’s affordable housing crisis.

Hiring manager : Brian Hickey, CFO/COO, brian.hickey@cvcorps.org

  • Civicorps performs a lot of outstanding work for us. As a government agency, we benefit from supporting the mission of the Park District and the community, and the park district benefits by supporting the work that you do and giving people job opportunities, job training experience, and experience out in the parks. It’s challenging work, and we appreciate Civicorps’ hard work and flexibility.

    Jeff Rasmussen
    Jeff RasmussenAssistant Finance Officer, East Bay Regional Park’s District (EBRPD)