Job Training & Certifications

Civicorps runs two social enterprises, which means all our profits go to the projects and resources we offer our Corpsmembers. You can choose between paid job training programs: Environmental Management, where you learn and practice conservation, wildfire management and other projects, or Recycling. Both programs can lead to great careers and offer the following trainings and certifications.

We provide training in:

  • Leadership
  • Interview Skills
  • Tool use and safety
  • English as a Second Language
  • Career Exploration


  • Chainsaw
  • CPR and first aid
  • Drivers’ licenses (Class B and Class C)
  • Chipper
  • Forklift
  • When you apply for jobs with City of Berkeley, CalTrans, East Bay MUD – when they see Civicorps on your application, you are much more likely to get that job. They absolutely love to see Civicorps on your resume.

    AnthonyConservation Crew Leader

Daily Schedule

Internship schedules with 32-40 hours/week

Many Corpsmembers have kids, go to school, take care of family or have other obligations that are tricky to schedule around. So, we have established a stable but flexible schedule that guarantees 32-40 hours of work every week (we don’t offer part-time work unless you are a college student). If you need to finish your high school diploma while you work with us, we will design an Independent Study program that lets you move at your own pace.

Conservation Interns work from 7:30am – 4:30pm Monday through Thursday. If you’re going to our school, you can meet with your teachers or use the Computer Lab from 3:30 on. Every Friday, we offer trainings and workshops (Driver’s Ed, tool certifications, CPR/First Aid) – and you are PAID for your time.

Recycling Interns work from 6 am – 2 pm, Monday-Friday. You are PAID for all trainings and certifications.

The bottom line: we want to make it easy for you to come to work and move your career and education dreams forward while providing a living wage.

  • Civicorps brought some stability into my life and made me more responsible and disciplined.·  I’m grateful for the staff for helping me out a lot and being very supportive and flexible. Over the last eight months I grew a lot. Without Civicorps, I wouldn’t ever have been thinking the way I’m thinking now. I’m thinking career-wise and about 10, 20, 30 years later. Staff really looked out for me. I don’t think I would be getting this Caltrans job without them.

    SamiFormer Corpsmember

Career Pathways

Our goal at Civicorps is to give you the skills, certifications and networks to move forward in your career. Even while you are still with us, we help you look ahead, prepare for and get hired at your next job.

While working on a Civicorps crew, you’ll be working with some of the largest employers in the East Bay, such as CalTrans, EBMUD, and East Bay Regional Parks District. You’ll receive support from our Pathways Manager to help build your professional skills or troubleshoot any issues.

When you’ve completed our program, we can place you in internships, pre-apprenticeships, or apprenticeships with businesses such as CalTrans, East Bay MUD, East Bay Regional Parks, City of Oakland, Port of Oakland, and Alameda County Flood Control, Waste Management, Tech Exchange, and Oakland Housing Authority.

Have your Driver’s License? You can join the Civicorps Recycling Team to get your Class B Driver’s License and learn how to drive the big trucks, while earning a starting wage of $17.06/hour.

Our recycling apprenticeship is a Teamster Apprenticeship Class B program. Participants are provided with a vehicle, and we pay for all associated costs, including a certified trainer and all DMV and licensing. In addition, you’ll get paid for every hour you participate, whether that’s in training time or on the road.

Once you get your Class B, you’re eligible to transfer to Waste Management as a Teamster apprentice, which is a recognized position in the Teamster union and can lead to a Union Truck Driving job with a starting salary of $75,000 a year plus a pension. You’re also highly recruitable by other companies, such as the trucking industry, City and County government, and Public Works organizations.

Fun fact: Civicorps is the only non-profit job training program in the US that has been included in a major city garbage franchise agreement.

  • Whether you enjoy working indoors or outdoors, whether you’re interested in saving the planet or working in the dirt, you have so many opportunities to access those pathways. To support you, we provide the training, we provide the skill building – everything you need to get that job you have your eye on.

    Yvette Arroyo-Agredano
    Yvette Arroyo-AgredanoPathways Manager

Career Guidance and Long-term Support

Our job at Civicorps is to help you get your next job – and your next promotion!

As soon as you get hired at Civicorps, we spend time getting to know you and your dreams and provide resources to help you explore career options. We offer career workshops where you can explore various careers more deeply. We share job opportunities in the community (our partners love to hire Civicorps alummi!) And we help you clean up or create your resume, prep for interviews, fill out job applications, connect to jobs and internships, and support your next promotion.

Throughout all program phases, you will receive college and career instruction and support. We operate a dedicated Career and College Pathways office that provides information about in-demand industries and occupations in the region, career exploration services, job and internship placement, college and career counseling, support with enrolling and succeeding in college, and obtaining financial aid.

And it doesn’t end when you leave Civicorps! We provide extensive, individualized follow-up and support to our graduates after you exit our program. Following the first placements in college and/or internships, Civicorps staff work to connect you to the next step in your career through our many employment connections and by offering continued education for workplace preparation, guidance and counseling.

Whether it’s conservation or computers, construction or cosmetology school – whatever you are interested in, we can help you get there.

  • Once you’re a Civicorps member, you are always a Civicorps member. You can always come back and get the support and guidance that you need to continue to move on to whatever dream you are trying to achieve.

    Yvette Arroyo-Agredano
    Yvette Arroyo-AgredanoPathways Manager

Promotion Opportunities

Civicorps is a Learn and Earn program – and we’re serious about both. We reward good attendance and job performance with raises and promotions.

Starting wages are $15-20/hour, and we pay YOU to get certifications and trainings.

Our Conservation Intern Investment Program (CIIP) tracks your progress in trainings and certifications. When complete, you’ll receive a $300 completion bonus and a $0.50 hourly raise.

Want to get your Driver’s License? We pay for the whole process, including driving lessons. Once you get your Class B License, you move into a driver position and get a $2/hour raise.

You can also get a promotion for joining our Crew Leader training. When you complete this training, you get promoted to Crew Leader and get a $2/hour raise.

In other words, we pay you to SUCCEED.

  • I started to gain experience, knowledge, leadership and communication skills. Working there really brought out the leadership that I didn’t know I had.

    JoseTeamster Truck Driver Pre-Apprentice
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