• This age in our lives, 18-26, is when we choose between paths that set the stage for our adult life. I love supporting young people in that decision making process, and helping them navigate the ups and downs that come with the human experience. Civicorps runs as a family style community that is impossible to describe (I’ve tried) but really is something so unique that I just don’t think you can find this secret sauce anywhere else. Because we are open to Corpsmembers leaving and returning, or staying with us through a whole growth process, we really get to see their journeys over time, successes and challenges, barriers met and barriers overcome.

    Natasha Vinakor
    Natasha VinakorLead Counselor, Support Services
  • I work at Civicorps because of how gratifying it is to see Corpmembers reaching their educational and professional goals. Their success is my reward!

    Annette PonTell
    Annette PonTellEducation Pathways Coordinator, Support Services
  • We’re a team. Whatever you lack I got your back. We will balance each other out.

    Wendy Wang
    Wendy WangController, Finance

Board of Directors

  • I have always believed that my life’s path would have been totally different if it had not been for the Corps. Giving back to the Civicorps community has been a goal of mine for some time and I believe this is a perfect opportunity to do so.

    Eduardo J. Chaidez
    Eduardo J. ChaidezMember of the Civicorps Board and Park Ranger with the National Parks Service

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