Waterway Improvement

The Bay Area is rich in wildlife, and our youth regularly engage in projects that improve waterways while also preserving and restoring habitats such as at Alameda Creek, a 45-mile perennial stream,  a 600 square-mile watershed. We work in several important watersheds around Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, including Arroyo Hondo, Milpitas, Arroyo Mocho and Alamo Canal.

With Alameda County Flood Control Agency (ACFC) and Zone 7, our goal is to maintain flood channels to protect people and property from water damage. Our Corpsmembers maintain and clear 26 miles of flood channel in a typical year.

Working with ACFC, Civicorps’ participants also protect two of the region’s most precious natural resources – water and salmon – by clearing some of the area’s most well-traveled creeks and monitoring spawning ground.  Our Corpsmembers engage in vegetation management services, channel clearing and erosion control work and maintenance services, including equipment and fuel, outreach and training classes for vegetation control and debris removal.

  • For many years, Civicorps has been assisting Alameda County Public Works Agency and Flood Control & Water Conservation District with maintenance activities that have kept our stream channels debris-free and our vegetation abated.  Their services are undeniably beneficial to our operations and they serve the community in ways that create opportunities for the youth of every generation.

    Brent Kelley
    Brent KelleyAlameda County Public Works Agency