We are all about our people

Civicorps was founded in 1983 as the East Bay Conservation Corps, a pilot demonstration program in youth development and community service. Since then, for the last forty years, we have honed our model for maximum benefit to our Corpsmembers and community. All of our revenue goes into the pockets of our Corpsmembers and towards the services we provide for them.


Civicorps’ mission is to re-engage young adults, age 18-26, to earn their high school diplomas, gain job skills, pursue college, and embark on family sustaining careers. See how we are accomplishing our mission in an archive of annual reports.


Civicorps was founded in 1983 as one of the first Local Conservation Corps, modeled in part after the federal Civilian Conservation Corps, an American legacy program established by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1933. We are a community-based organization that engages young adults in service projects addressing conservation, disaster response, and community need.


Our people are what make Civicorps special. Civicorps is proud to have staff and a Board of Directors who are dedicated to serving our environment and community while providing the highest quality education and job training for our youth.


We are hiring! Are you interested in helping young people achieve their dreams? Do you have interest or experience in conservation, recycling or community service? Click here to learn about our open positions and how to join our team.

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