Erica Bradley

Erica Bradley
May 2, 2022 webadmin

We are excited to announce Erica Bradley as our Corpsmember of the Winter Quarter!

Erica has grown so much in the months she has been with Civicorps. Erica’s reliability and consistency at Civicorps’ Conservation Program is unmatched. She is always ready to work, never complains, and has been a constant force at the Corps through a very uncertain and volatile time.

Erica has near perfect attendance, has worked on special projects like Pallet Partnership (which won 2021 Project of the Year by The Corps Network) and restoring a habitat for the snowy plover with EBMUD.

Erica is set to leave Civicorps for the Backcountry Trails Program with the CCC at the end of this month, a five-month long stint in the wilderness maintaining trails as well as learning about wilderness stewardship and exploration and environmental awareness.

To learn more about her next journey, click here.