Naji Lockett

Naji Lockett

Giving the skills back from my experience here.

After high school, Naji Lockett was looking for a job. A friend told him about Civicorps. Naji was initially impatient with Civicorps’ job training program, and he struggled to take it seriously.  But once he grew committed to his training, his job became more than a paycheck.  Naji impressed supervisors as he obtained tool certifications and accumulated AmeriCorps Education Awards. He was promoted into leadership roles, progressing from Crew Leader I to Crew leader II.

Naji wanted to become a Crew Leader so that he could train his peers and help them advance into leadership roles.

Leading by example, Naji has the distinction of being the first Corpsmember to complete Civicorps’ Conservation Intern Investment Program, a comprehensive series of certifications that form the basis for a Career Readiness Transcript.

Today, Naji wants to change the perspective of Corpsmembers who see the Corps as “just a job,” as he once did. He hopes that others will understand that the skills and resources available at Civicorps can change their future. His advice is that “you have to be willing to learn. Come every day and make sure you have the right mindset.”

Naji is clear about what has been most rewarding for him at Civicorps: “Giving the skills back from my experience here.”