Anthony Silva

Anthony Silva
February 25, 2022 webadmin

We’re excited to announce our 2021 Fall Corpsmember of the Quarter, Anthony Silva!

Anthony demonstrates his leadership abilities every day, guiding his crewmembers and supporting his supervisors as well as attaining a high level of skills and tools certifications.

Notably, Anthony works on Civicorps’ Port of Oakland contract without a Job Training Supervisor managing his crew, indicating he has earned the trust of his Supervisor, Jeff.

“Anthony stands out because of his efforts to be the best he can be,” expresses Jeff. “He also engages with the sponsor, whichever agency we are working for, creating a positive work environment.”

Recently, Anthony led Civicorps’ 2022 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Service Project. Partnering with the Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Department of the City of Berkeley, Anthony and his crew beautified the historically underserved communities of South and West Berkeley.

“The staff [Civicorps] sent were very respectful, hardworking, and represented [the] agency very well.  I was so proud of them; so proud to be part of that Corps family!” said Melissa Marizette-Green, Acting Senior Landscape Gardener Supervisor of the City of Berkeley Parks Operations.

Having heard about Civicorps from his brother (and fellow Corpsmember of the Quarter winner, Milton!) and encouraged by his family, Anthony joined the Corps to develop his soft skills: leadership, communication, and problem solving.

“I feel I’m already gaining those skills and sharpening and honing them, especially in the Crew Leader position where I can work on leadership and outspokenness in communicating. I like leading a group, it’s fun seeing the results you get based on leading, which is pretty gratifying.”

Anthony also has a range of interests from skateboarding to boxing. But when it comes to his work, he finds more interest in being outdoors than in.

“I like looking at nature, it’s one of the perks of this job. There are all the different views and scenery that we can see [at the project sites]. Like at Berkeley, working in the hills, you can see the city.”

Already accomplished, Anthony completed his Conservation Intern Investment Program (CIIP) Checklist, which tracks a Corpsmembers’ progress in career readiness, job performance, community participation, and skill development. To become a Crew Leader, Anthony was accepted into Civicorps’ competitive Crew Leader Academy, which occurs twice a year.

When asked about his future goals, Anthony expressed an interest in pursuing higher education. Currently, he is taking courses at Las Positas College.

“I don’t see myself doing something else anytime soon besides continuing my education. I’m interested in sociology, studying people – I like to help people. I felt like it’d be a good fit for me to find something [I] love to do, that’s when the job doesn’t feel like a job. Like here at Civicorps, when I’m working, it doesn’t feel like I’m working but we’re getting a lot of work done and having fun doing it.”