High School Diploma

Civicorps’ partner Alameda County Office of Education’s Opportunity Academy has two teachers permanently onsite to support our students in getting their high school diploma.

As soon as you’re hired, we help you figure out a personalized schedule in order to obtain all the credits needed for graduation. Then you work directly with your teacher to create a study plan that meets your needs so you can study at your own pace.

How do you prefer to learn? Teachers coordinate classes to be done online or with paper packets that you can complete on your own time. You’ll meet face-to-face with your teacher at least once a week, and we offer as much tutoring as you need. We also have a quiet computer lab where you can focus on your school assignments after your workday.

We’re here to help you get it done at the pace that’s right for you, with all the support you need.” -– Dr. Tracey Burns, Principal, Opportunity Academy

  • [My diploma is a] big accomplishment and I’m happy to finally achieve it…. I’m grateful for all the people that helped me get to this point – people that were encouraging me, rooting for me, telling me I could do it and especially people getting on me about getting everything done.

    DayshonWinter Class of 2021
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Scholarships and Financial Aid

As soon as you get hired, we help you create an education plan that includes AmeriCorps Education Awards.

Depending on the hours worked, you can graduate with anywhere from $1,221 – $5,775 to fund your post-secondary education.

Most of our Corpsmembers earn scholarships. We walk you through every step and watch as you accumulate hours and scholarship dollars!

We also help our students with FAFSA, the federal financial program. We’ll tell you all about the program and help with all the paperwork.

We have a private donor who funds scholarships for students who are attending college while in our program.

  • I signed up with AmeriCorps when I first started, and a month ago got my first award!  And I’m using that for school right now.  I want to be a teacher, so I’m taking classes at Laney College: business, statistics, photography and psychology.  I’m using the scholarship towards tuition and books.  There are lots of opportunities at Civicorps that people should take advantage of!

    RosalindaFormer Conservation Intern

College and Trade Schools

Civicorps prepares all Corpsmembers to succeed in college.

Our preparation begins with the first day of orientation and extends past completion of our program. Civicorps can help you identify your career pathway and how to get there, enroll in local colleges, particularly the Peralta Community College District, and apply for financial aid.

We can also help you get into trade schools and apprenticeship programs, including programs for painters, electricians, plumbers, cement masons, sheet metal workers, auto mechanics, and many more. Apprenticeship reps come in and do presentations, and we do tours of their facilities. When the exams come up, we help you prepare and even take you to the test.

It’s your dream – we just help you get there.

  • Civicorps was different from any other school I’ve been to. Every staff member I met was just so nice and supportive, something I didn’t really experience in other schools, and something that I knew I needed in order to keep going. I want to thank every single person who inspired me here and who supported me in ways I didn’t know anyone would ever do.

    NaomiClass of Spring 2020


Do I have to work at the Job Training Center while I go to school?

Yes, we’re a conservation corps that engages in education and job training together. If you’re not interested in or able to work while you’re in school, this is not the right program for you. Please talk to us and we’ll introduce you to an appropriate education option.

Do I need a COVID-19 Vaccine to enter the program?

No.  Effective January 1, 2024 you do not need a Covid vaccine to enter our program.

Do you support students with IEPs or 504s?

Yes. In partnership with Opportunity Academy, Civicorps supports all scholars through a variety of mechanisms which align with Individual Education Plans.

How long does it take to complete the program?

You’ll move at your own pace through the program, and your completion time will depend on how many credits you earn per semester, your academic level upon entry and other factors. We’re here to help you get it done at the pace that’s right for you with all the support you need.

I attended some semesters or years of high school and have credits. Can I apply them towards graduating from AOA @ Civicorps?

Yes. You will need a minimum of 130 credits to earn a California issued standard high school diploma. The average student can earn 1 credit per week per course. One (1) credit is equal to approximately 15-20 hours depending on student skill level and curriculum assigned.

What kind of high school education does AOA @ Civicorps offer?

AOA offers an Independent Study program. Click here to learn more about AOA’s Independent Study program and what it entails.

What other kinds of services will be available to me?

We have a whole team dedicated to supporting you with counseling, housing and childcare referrals, health and wellness resources, and more. Our Support Services Team is central to our ability to provide Corpsmembers with wrap-around support.

What resources do you have for English language learners?

Civicorps is dedicated to serving students whose primary language is not English by offering a concurrent program to appropriately meet the needs of the English Language Learner. English Language Learners will be identified and given support during the enrollment process and transitioned into Opportunity Academy according to an individualized plan.