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With over 35 years of recycling experience under our belt, and an industry standard fleet of ten rear-loader vehicles, we now serve over 1300 businesses across Oakland, including UC Berkeley, Mills College, Cal State East Bay, Oakland Airport, and East Bay Regional Park District. Our specialty is providing customized recycling services for little or no cost, making recycling cost effective and increasing the participation levels in recycling amongst businesses. Our recycling interns gain Class B driving experience, opening up numerous career pathways. And as they see how recycling works, they become environmental stewards.

Civicorps Recycling is a social enterprise of Civicorps. We are the largest non-profit recycler in the East Bay.

Since 1987, Civicorps Recycling has provided high-quality recycling collections to businesses across the East Bay while training youth to enter lucrative truck driving careers.

We offer a Teamster Truck Driver Career Pathway, the only free truck driver training program for youth in the East Bay. This program is the result of a pioneering partnership between Civicorps Recycling, Waste Management, Teamsters Local 70, and the City of Oakland.

Alameda County ordinance requires that all commercial businesses, non-profits and institutions must have recycling services. Choose Civicorps Recycling because our services offer triple bottom line — financial, social and environmental— benefits.

You save money from our recycling services that are 40-50% lower cost than current garbage rates.

Your business helps resilient young adults train to enter high-demand careers.

The more you recycle, the less trash will go to landfills.