We are the East Bay’s local corps

We are a conservation-focused youth development non-profit organization, offering education opportunities and paid work experience with our community partners to protect our natural resources and strengthen climate resiliency. Our triple bottom line theory of change is based on “three Ps”: prosperity, people, and the planet.


Civicorps’ Environmental Management Social Enterprise conducts conservation projects across the Bay Area. Our Civicorps Recycling social enterprise provides commercial recycling collection services to Oakland businesses while training young adults to enter truck-driving careers. We are also here to support our community on the frontlines. We have the skills, equipment and infrastructure to provide disaster and pandemic relief and other community crisis support services.

Making a Difference

The data show that we are making a difference in the East Bay on multiple levels. Corpsmembers exit from Civicorps motivated, prepared and confident about their next steps. Our agency partners benefit from our high-quality workforce with the skills, equipment and experience to help our community become more safe, clean and green.


Civicorps works with community organizations, public works agencies, companies, and government agencies in many creative and distinctive ways. We design projects together, build relationships, chart new career pathways and much more, all in the hopes of offering a meaningful and transformative experience for our Corpsmembers while serving our community and the surrounding environment.


Ready to help us transform lives and landscapes? Through this website, young adults can apply for a job. Recruitment partners can refer a young person to us. Volunteers can learn about opportunities to work side by side with us and our Corpsmembers. Donors can offer donations, businesses can hire Civicorps and our Corpsmembers, and you can subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletters.


Looking for your next business partner to help with your conservation, recycling or community service project? Our crews and equipment are ready to go! Are you looking for skilled, responsible employees? Our Career Counselor can help place a Civicorps graduate in your business and will provide ongoing support to ensure a successful placement.