Trail Construction and Maintenance

We engage in trail construction and maintenance in parks all over the East Bay.  Current project sites include the Contra Costa Canal Trail, one of the area’s most popular trails and known for its wildflowers; and Black Diamond Mines Regional Park, a 6,000 acre preserve verdant with indigenous trees.  Thanks to our longstanding contracts with EBRPD and EBMUD, as well as funds from the State of California, we work on repairing and improving trail tread & drainage; vegetation clearance; repair and replacement of structures such as: steps/stairs, boardwalks, planking, puncheon; trail closure restoration; signage installation.  We also do rehabilitation projects where we install diverters, regrade trails, complete or restore footbridges, clear overgrown vegetation, remove invasive species and remove debris to ensure public safety and access.

Thanks to our longstanding contracts with the State of California’s Active Transportation Project, we have improved and rehabilitated the San Francisco Bay, San Leandro Creek, Canal, Iron Horse, Contra Costa, Delta De Anza, Lafayette-Moraga, Big Break and Alameda Creek Trails. Our goal is to increase accessibility, visibility and safety of various sections of paved, multi-use Inter-park Regional Trails and encourage bicycle and pedestrian traffic. We do this through trail expansion; vegetation restoration above or adjacent to the trail; adjusting drainage systems to prevent flooding and debris flow; and repairing broken or damaged fencing and structures near the trails.

Our Corpsmembers work with and under the supervision of professional Park Rangers at EBRPD, as well as other personnel including firefighters and biologists.  They receive a rare opportunity to observe the professional lives of career conservationists, exposing them to career pathways, conservation awareness and environmental consciousness all at once.  In addition to learning to operate specific tools and developing skills, our Corpsmembers gain a familiarity with the outdoors and can recognize and respond to a variety of wild land conditions.

  • East Bay Regional Park District and Civicorps have worked together for over 30 years. Corpsmembers are focused, motivated and hardworking. It’s a pleasure working with them and we look forward to continuing this partnership as it has benefited our parks and East Bay residents.

    Brad Gallup
    Brad GallupFormer Assistance Fire Chief, EBRPD