Oil & Tire Collection

Used Oil

We are proud to assist the State of CA with used oil recycling outreach and education. Every year we visit approximately 120 certified used oil collection centers to assist with the appropriate display of required signage. This allows the public to identify locations which will accept used oil. In cases where signs have been lost or damaged, Civicorps will provide new signage. Civicorps serves as a compliance partner to the many certified collection centers it visits.

Civicorps is available to perform dock-walking events at local marinas throughout the East Bay. Civicorps staff and Corspmembers interact with boaters and provide informative material about how to safely handle used oil on the water as well as free oil spill kits.

Illegally Dumped Tires

In addition to regularly combing our neighborhoods for abandoned used tires, we perform tire amnesty events with city and recycling partners such as City of Vallejo, Castro Valley Sanitary District and Alameda County Industries (ACI). We usually bring our truck, set up and run the tire collecting on behalf of the city or partner; for larger events, we will solely provide the labor.  People can bring their unwanted tires and we’ll dispose of them properly, for free. We are also provide services for county environmental service departments and Port of Oakland – when they notify us, we’ll pick up and properly dispose of tires illegally dumped on public lands.

We collect and recycle an average of 5,000 abandoned tires per year.  On Earth Day 2022, we collected over 700 tires in one day at a special collection event.

To learn more about our recycling services and partner with us, please see http://www.civicorpsrecycling.org/