Naji Lockett

Naji Lockett
August 30, 2021 webadmin

Civicorps is proud to announce the Summer 2021 Corpsmember of the Quarter: Naji Lockett!

Naji has made incredible strides in the last few months in his leadership capabilities, becoming a Crew Leader 2.

“The first time Naji went out for Crew Leader Training he didn’t get it. But that didn’t discourage him. The very next Crew Leader Academy took place and he did unbelievable. He took that time and perfected his craft,’” said Monique Williams, Conservation Program Coordinator who runs the Conservation Crew Leader Academy.

Whether interacting with sponsors, driving Civicorps vehicles or rallying his crew of fellow Corpsmembers, Naji has stepped into his CL2 role with courage. His willingness to take on more responsibility while remaining humble among his peers is a rare combination.

Naji is a prime example of what a successful journey as a Corpsmember looks like.  We’re excited to see Naji continue to grow and thrive!