Roxanna Elias

Roxanna Elias

I FOUND my career

Finding a career path can take years to discover. For many, going to college will help determine that choice. At Civicorps, we introduce students to various career pathways that help guide Corpsmembers’ path to a family-sustaining job. We provide opportunities for Corpsmembers to network with potential employers, guide them as they apply to vocational and community colleges, and help them explore career opportunities in healthcare, technology, social services, the arts and so much more.

Like so many young people discovering their way, Roxanna didn’t know what she would do after obtaining her high school diploma. So a couple months before graduation, she participated in Civicorps’ annual Career Fair, where she learned about Unitek College. “I was able to start a medical assistant program that allowed me to graduate in 9 months,” she says. Within a year, Roxanna was able to rise to the challenge of medical assisting, and had a job lined up in a pediatric unit a week after receiving her certificate.

On a typical day, Roxanna performs a variety of duties related to pediatric care. She takes vitals, performs injections, and soothes nervous parents. “I see babies grow and develop their motor skills, which became even more special when I became a mother,” she says. Roxanna just had her baby boy in March 2018. “This is such a new chapter to me. It’s been difficult juggling being a mom and still pursuing my medical assistant career,” she says. “But I know that I want to continue to grow. I plan to go back to school for a Licensed Vocational Nurse certificate.” Her end goal is to become a nurse practitioner.

“Graduating from Civicorps I was able to start my career, I was given an opportunity to go back to school, earn AmeriCorps scholarships, and fully achieve my potential. I truly became independent, was driven to work hard and seek the value my work ethic can accomplish,” says Roxanna.

“In moments when you feel like nothing is going your way, trust your network. Civicorps was there for me.” Roxanna says to current Civicorps youth, “if I could succeed, you can too!”