Earnisha Thornton

Earnisha Thornton

I own my leadership!

At Civicorps, Earnisha Thornton has developed more than job skills–she has become a leader. Her hard work in our Job Training program earned a promotion to Crew Leader, a position that allows her to manage and mentor her peers.

“I guide people in the right direction and make sure everybody is on task,” Earnisha says. “If my supervisor walks away, I am in charge of the whole crew and am happy that I own this type of leadership. It’s really allowed me to be seen in a positive way.”

Before Civicorps, Earnisha had experienced instability in her education. In the high tech, social media-savvy Bay Area, she heard about Civicorps the way most of our students discover us—through old-fashioned word-of-mouth. She has thrived in our program and graduated in December 2019. Earnisha credits the dedication of our staff for helping her succeed in our challenging program.

“What I most appreciate about Civicorps is the help,” she says. “Staff has been very persistent in ensuring I am passing my classes.”