A Day in the Life of Our Truck Drivers

A Day in the Life of Our Truck Drivers
September 30, 2014 webadmin

Civicorp’s Organic Waste Collection & Job Training Program to Expand

September 30, 2014
By Mallory Pickett on Oakland North

An Oakland North reporter drove around with Civicorps Recycling Interns, Will Montolla and Fua Fatai, as they drove Civicorp’s organic waste collection route.

Get a behind the scenes look at a typical day for our truck drivers!

You may be amazed at what you read:

“Eight hours and over 100 stops later, Montolla and Fatai return to the warehouse. It’s 1:30 pm, but neither of them plans to rest. After work Montolla picks up his five-year-old son from school and they spend the afternoon together. Fatai is studying math at Merritt College, but today there’s no class, so he plays basketball with some friends. They will be back tomorrow at 5 am, and again on Saturday.”