Jose Irias

Jose Irias

Just keep pressing on, keep going and you’ll make it.

After high school Jose Irias tried college, but it wasn’t the right fit. Finances were a problem and the San Leandro resident lost his confidence. A friend suggested getting a Class B Driver’s License. Jose searched for training programs and came across Civicorps.

Jose was accepted into Civicorps’ Teamster Truck Driver Career Pathway program.

“I started to gain experience, knowledge, leadership, and communication skills.” As his supervisors saw how committed Jose was, promotions followed. He earned forklift and E-waste certifications and advanced to support a route for Oakland International Airport. Within three months, Jose had his Class B Permit and in October 2020, he passed his Class B License test. He was given a Class B truck and his own recycling route.

Jose attributes his success to his training at Civicorps. “Working there really brought out the leadership that I didn’t know I had.

In July 2021, Jose was accepted into Waste Management’s Apprenticeship program where he is training for a permanent position.

Looking back, Jose reflects, “no matter what life throws your way or how difficult it looks, just keep pressing on, keep going and you’ll make it.”